I Saw Satan Church
The Algorithm of Love
Dope Girls
How Tracy Austin Broke My Heart
Desert Flowers Behind A Fence
I Saw Satan Book in Flames
On the Subway
 I made this drawing while I was on the phone frustrated with my insurance company trying to get birth control. Luckily I live in a state that will provide it if my insurance doesn’t cover it.
Sense + Senseibility
Jean Seberg listening to a seashell
7x7 Illustration
7x7 Illustration
 Illustration made in collaboration with author Joni Murphy for the website 7x7.  See the entire project here .
All Purpose Pronoun
Deer Underneath The Moon
 Portrait for a podcast about Self-Care.
Tropical Plants
7x7 Illustration
Spot Illustrations
 Illustration for Lenny Letter about power.  Read the entire article here .
meet me in the forest
 Illustration made from text from the book Bluets by Maggie Nelson. This piece of text is about a group of people called the Tuaregs. They live in the Sahara desert and have rejected the notion of God. Once a year, southern baptist churches in America pray for them “so that they know God loves them”. 
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